Vehicle Tracker Devices

Vehicle Tracking Devices deliver real time information on the location, activity and mobile inventory of your vehicles to improve business performance and customer service. It also provides valuable protections in the event of vehicle theft and recovery.

Features for Vehicle Tracker:-

* Alarm Notification via SMS (Applicable with vehicle fitted with security alarm) & E-mail.
* Get vehicle location through SMS 24X7.
* Live web tracking on PC/smart phone.
* Vehicle Trip History and Summary.
* Data storage in the absence of GSM/GPRS network (15000 locations).
* Android Mobile apps for User friendly customer interface.
* GPS Module having-163dB sensitivity with onboard antenna.
* GSM/GPRS module with onboard antenna, Works on both 12V & 24V Battery Vehicle
* Easy installation in vehicle (connect only VBATT, IGN & GND, Alarm optional)
* Live tracking of the vehicle of Map.
* Observe Trace back of past locations (e.g. last week location date) on Map.
* Create and Assign various boundary alert (entry or exit), routes, position point alert
* Assign the over speed limit and configure for alerts
* Easily update the vehicle tracking configurations like Owner’s number, Co-Owner’s number, vehicle Reg. ID etc, on website.

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TP1000 TP2000 TP3000
DIMTS Approved No No No


Categories Sno Features SMS Commands TP1000 TP2000 TP3000
Vehicle Security 1 Lock the vehicle  Lock No No No
2 Unlock the vehicle Unlock No No No
3 LOCK Without Interior Movement Detection Plock No No No
4 Force Unlock vehicle in IGNITION ON Unlock No No No
5 ARM vehicle ARM No No No
6 ARM Without Interior Movement Detection PARM No No No
7 Disarm vehicle Disarm No No No
8 Ultrasonic Sensitivity control via Remote Disarm No No No
User Settings 1 Register Owners Number REG! Yes Yes Yes
2 Add Co-Owners Number ADPxxxxxxxxxx Yes Yes Yes
3 Add alternate number ADSxxxxxxxxxx No Yes Yes
4 Start Tracking Ton Yes Yes Yes
5 Stop Tracking Toff Yes Yes Yes
6 Valet mode ON VON No No No
7 Valet mode OFF VOFF No No No
8 Configure APN APN( Yes Yes Yes
9 Delete Co-Owner Number DELP Yes Yes Yes
10 Delete Alternate Number DELS No Yes Yes
11 Enable Auto generated Alerts ALTON No Yes Yes
12 Disable Auto generated Alerts ALTOFF No Yes Yes
13 Ultrasonic Sensitivity control (x=1,2,3,4,5) VSLx No No No
Protections and Functions 1 Perimeter Protection No No No
2 Illegal Ignition Detection No No No
3 Reverse Beeper No No No
4 Tow away detection Yes Yes Yes
5 Interior movement detection No No No
6 Immobilizer ON IMON No Yes Yes
7 Immobilizer OFF IMOFF No Yes Yes
8 Inbuilt Battery Backup INTF, INTS No Yes Yes
9 Two way Voice communication ACP, DCP No No Yes
10 Spy Call SPY No No Yes
INFO REQUESTS 1 Current Location LOC Yes Yes Yes
2 Nearest Fuel Station Fuel Yes Yes Yes
3 Track History Route Yes Yes Yes
4 Health Health No Yes Yes
5 User Info Info No Yes Yes
6 Help Help No Yes Yes
7 Vehicle information Status Yes Yes Yes
Alerts 1 Configuration Alert Yes Yes Yes
2 Door Alarm Alert No No No
3 Bonnet Alarm Alert No No No
4 Ignition Alarm Alert No No No
5 Interior movement detection alert No No No
6 Cross-Over overspeed Alert Yes Yes Yes
7 Geofence Alert- Entry/Exit Yes Yes Yes
8 Route deviation Alert Yes Yes Yes
9 Cross-over Reach Alert Yes Yes Yes
10 Overspeed Alert Yes Yes Yes
11 Siren Alert Yes Yes Yes
12 Device Tampered Alert No Yes Yes