Access Control System


Simply defined, the term “access control” describes any technique used to control passage into or out of any area. The standard lock that uses a brass key may be thought of as a simple form of an “access control system”.

Over the years, access control systems have become more and more sophisticated. Today, the term “access control system” most often refers to a computer-based, electronic card access control system. The electronic card access control system uses a special “access card”, rather than a brass key, to permit access into the secured area.

Access Control System is the need of today life. We see when we go to any reputed company or office some of cabins are as restricted are to enter. No-one can enter in that area who is not allowed to be entered. This is just why Access Control System. By it’s name we can understand, it controls the entry.

How Access Control System Works

When somebody input credential  (Like Finger Print, Card Impression, Face Recognition), it receives it and recognise whether it is approved or not.  If credentials are already assigned it gives approval, otherwise denies.

Types of System

There are three type of controller, Biometric, Card, and Face Recognition. It comes of two types i.e. software based and Standalone. Software based system provides data in server like in – out date with id, name etc. And Standalone System is for only to control entry, there is no data, who entered inside?

Access Control System in Faridabad
Access Control System in Faridabad


There are lots of brands in market. We deal in good quality long life brand. Those are very easy to operate.

  • Honeywell
  • HID
  • Virdi
  • ESSL
  • Biomax

Devices’ Requirement for Controller

  • Reader
  • Lock
  • Push Button
  • Bracket


Reader is used to read your credential and gives the signal to make server. When server approves the credential, it sends signal to lock and that automatically opens.


There are mainly three types of lock.

  1. Single Leaf Door Lock
  2. Double Leaf Door Lock
  3. Drop Bolt Lock

It’s use and requirement depends on door, of which material it is made and this is single leaf of double leaf.

Push Button

Push button plays a very important role in Access control System. We gives access to anyone by reader. But when someone needs to go out he/she has to press only push button to open the door. 


Bracket is the supporting accessory to install the Lock.

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