Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System is very necessary to prevent mishappening. Be alert at start of fire and save yourselves by using Fire Alarm System. Modern Technologies provides best Solution for Fire Alarm System.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

The detection principle of an Addressable System (Fire Alarm System) is similar to a Conventional System except that the Control Panel can determine exactly which detector or call point has initiated the alarm. The detection circuit is wired as a loop and multi devices may be connected to each loop. The detectors are essentially Conventional Detectors, with an address built in. The address in each detector is set by dil switches and the Control Panel is programmed to display the information required when that particular detector is operated. Additional Field Devices are available which may be wired to the loop for detection only i.e. it is possible to detect a normally open contact closing such as sprinkler flow switch, or a normally closed contact opening.

Sounders are wired in a minimum of two sounder circuits exactly as a Conventional System. Loop Isolation Modules are available for fitting on to the detection loop/loops such that the loop is sectioned in order to ensure that a short circuit, or one fault will only cause.

Fire Alarm System comes with single loop as well as multi loops. It depends on requirement. The items which are integrated with Fire Alarm Systems are given below….


(1) Smoke Sensor / Detector

(2) Heat Sensor / Detector

(3) Beam Detector

(4) Manual Call Point

(5) Response Indicator

(6) Input Module

(7) Monitor Module

(8) Sounder

Smoke Sensor / Detector

Smoke Sensor Senses of Detects the Smoke in its range approx 10×10 ft. and gives message to panel. Panel sends signal to hooter/Sounder to start it’s work.

Heat Sensor / Detector

Heat Detector plays a very important role in Fire Alarm System. It detects over heat or temperature. It works just like Smoke Detector. It senses Temperature instead of  Smoke.

Beam Detector

Manual Call Point

Monitor Module

Response Indicator

Intelligent Optical Smoke Detector make GST model no. I-9102

• Built in 8 bit microprocessor
• Algorithm maps for faster response and false alarm rejection
• Analogue sensing
• Secure and speedy communication
• Intelligent Linear Drift compensation
• Self diagnosis and history log
• Electronic addressing
• Sensing chamber for exceptional dust proof ability
• Twin LED for 360º vision
• Built-in remote indicator output
• Low profile design

Heat Detector

Intelligent Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat Detector make GST model no. I-9103

• Electronically addressed.
• The address is modified in field.
• Built-in microprocessor can store 14 history" records Identification of defective detectors.
• Rate of rise and fixed temperature alarm mode.

Digital Manual Call Point

Digital Manual Call Point make GST model no. DI-9204

• Electronically addressed
• The address can be modified in field.
• Alarming by pressing. Reset by a special key. "Plug-in structure."

Loop Isolator

Loop Isolator make GST model no. C-9503

• Isolates faulty part of the loop in the event of a short circuit
• Automatically reset once the fault has been cleared
• LED status indicator

Intelligent Sounder

Intelligent Sounder Strobe make GST model no. I-9403

• Providing 16 tones.
• Using ultra bright LEDs as source for light indication.
• Optional transparent colorless lens (C-94WL) available
• Loop powered or external 24V powered.
• Power-saving consumption mode and normal consumption mode (factory default). Single/dual address programmable.
• Working modes: sounder & strobe / strobe only / sounder only. Standard: EN 54

GST200-2 Intelligent Single & 2 Loop Control Panel

• Full Two Loop Fire Alarm Panel
• Support upto 477 intelligent devices
• Graphical LCD Display
• 30 zone Indication & manual Intervention
• Net-workable with all GST Fire Panels
• Programmable from PC
• Optional : Printer & fireman's control
• Power Supply : 230V AC 50/60Hz
• Pre Alarm & Dirty Detector Indications

Loop Intelligent Panel


• Comply with EN54 and UL864
• 8-10 Loop Panel, with supports 1936 Addressable devices
• 140 zone Indication & manual Intervention
• Net-workable with all GST fire panels
• Flush or Face mount PC & Keypad programmable
• Panel Printer included
• Power Supply : 110~230V AC

Repeater Panel

Network Repeater Panel GST-NRP01
Display exact message from the networked panel Control key for Evacuate, Reset, Silence and Panel Mute
• Extending Network distance up to 2.4Km
• Built in Sounder
• Password protected
• Back Lit LCD displays
• Connected to network RS 485 Class A
• Easy to install