Conventional Fire Alarm System

Conventional Fire Alarm System
In a Conventional Fire Alarm System, a number of call points and detectors are wired to the Fire Alarm Control Panel in Zones. A Zone is a circuit and typically one would wire a circuit per floor or fire compartment. The Fire Alarm Control Panel has a number of Zone Lamps. The reason for having Zones is to give a rough idea as to where a fire has occurred. This is important for the fire brigade and of course for the building management. The accuracy of knowing where a fire has started is controlled by the number of Zones a Control Panel has and the number of circuits that have been wired within the building. The Control Panel is wired to a minimum of two sounder circuits which could contain bells, electronic sounders or other audible devices. Each circuit has an end of line device which is used for monitoring purposes.



• Connecting with conventional detectors and" manual call points, generating alarm in case of fire, to save human life.
• Every detection zone can have at most 15" conventional detectors.
The total number of detectors and call points in a zone shall not exceed 32.
• Sounder outputs, Alarm output and Fault output" are available for connecting into other systems. Integrated charger and battery management" program, fully comply with latest EN54-4 standard requirement.
• Easy operation to enable/disable zones, sounder" outputs and alarm output.
• Alarm Test function selectable with or without" sounder notification.
• Output programmable for interlink between zones" and sounder outputs, alert or evacuate tone, with or without delay.
• Day/Night mode selectable." Different Silence/Reset/Test modes can be selected" to meet local requirement. Three access levels settable via key control." Reserved repeater panel interface".

Conventional Repeater Panel - GST RP16

• Connects to RS485 peripheral bus
• Active or Passive options
• Back-lit adjustable alphanumeric display
• General status LEDS
• Controls for system reset, accept, mute, silence alarms, and self test
• Access Enable key-switch on active repeater
• Weight : 1.7 Kg (Approx)
• Operating Temperature : + 5O C to +45O C
• Maximum Humidity : 10% to 93% Non - Condensing
• Operating Voltage : 18 to 32 V DC
• Operating Current : 90mA (Quiescent) 120mA (Alarm)
• Terminals : Maximum Cross Section 2.5 mm 2
• LED Indicators : Fire Fault, Disables, Acceptable, Silenced, Power, Communications, Loss
• Extra User Controls : Key Switch Activated, System Reset, Sound Alarm, Silence/Resound, Mute Accept & Self Test

Detectors & Sensors


• Two of output contacts, open circuit when operating; contact closed and self lock when alarming
• New scattering technology
• Unique labyrinth design protect against insects, dust, light infiltrate.

Conventional Sounder - GST C-9404

• CE Certified product
• Two part construction with base mounted for easy installation
• Two addresses tones (Alert & Evacuate)

Conventional Ultraviolet Flame Detector - GST C-9104

• Sensitive Ultraviolet Sensor that detects the UV rays Produced by a flame
• Aesthetically pleasing low profile design
• Dust / Corrosion / Humidity Resistant
• Standard Calibration Set to detect a 3 cm flame at 6 meters
• Effective range up to 12 meters

Conventional Dual Heat Detector - GST C-9103

• LPCB, CE certified product
• Rate of rise Heat Detection
• Twin LED for 360° degree viewing
• Temperature Range 54° to 74° can adjust by programme

Conventional Beam Detector - GST C-9105

• Range 8-100 Meters,
• 2 selectable levels of sensitivity adjustment.
• Ideal for Atriums, Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Airport Terminals etc.
• Simple and cost effective to install transmitter and reflective honey comb mirror
• Quick and easy to set up with the visual signal strength indication, simply adjust until angle and the Green LED will flash faster or slower depending on the signal strength, simply adjust until the green LED is fully lit, replace the cover and the detector will self calibrate to the desired level.
• Convention version(C-9105R) fitted with volt free contacts for fire and fault conditions.

Conventional Manual Call Point - GST C-9202

• Compatible with latest EN standards.
• Non-breaking re-settable glass (via special key).
• Two parts plug-in construction with base mounted termination allows easy installation and