Mobile Signal Booster Dealer in Faridabad

Mobile Signal Booster

A cell Mobile signal booster (also known as cellular repeater or amplifier) is a device that boosts cell phone signals to and from your mobile phone whether at home or office or in any vehicle.
It does this by taking the existing cellular signal, amplifying it, and then broadcasting to an area in need of better reception.
If you’re experiencing dropped calls, slow or lost internet connection, stuck text messages, poor voice quality, weak coverage, low bars, and other cell phone reception problems, a cell phone signal booster is the best solution that produces definite results

Mobile Signal Booster


  1. With unique appearance design, have good cooling function
  2. With MGC function,(Manual Gain Control), Customer can adjust the Gain as needed ;
  3. With DL signal LED display, help to install the outdoor antenna at the best state;
  4. With AGC and ALC, make repeater work stable .
  5. PCB with isolation function ,make UL and DL signal not influence each other.
  6. Low intermodulation, high Gain, stable Output power

Installation Guide

Step 1 Start by taking your phone up to the roof or other location outside to find where the signal is strongest.
Step 2 Temporarily mount the Outdoor (outside) antenna in that location. You may need to adjust and move the antenna later.
Step 3: Run coaxial cable into the building to a convenient location (attic, etc.) where you can also get standard power for the Signal Repeater.
Step 4: Place the Signal Repeater at that location and connect the coaxial cable to the Outdoor Side of the Signal Repeater and the Outdoor antenna.
Step 5: Mount your Indoor (inside) antenna in a productive location. You may need to adjust or move the antenna later. More notes on Indoor antennas and patterns here.
Step 6 Connect coaxial cable between the Indoor antenna and the Signal Repeater output port.
Step 7 Power up the system and check for signal inside the building. If needed, tune system by moving and or pointing the Outdoor and Indoor antennas until they get the most signal possible.
Step 8 Secure all antennas and cables, securely mount the Signal repeater and clean up the installation.